Find all of the information you need to run your startup in Serbia.

In addition to the desire to help each individual startup with comprehensive practical support, our goal is to actively contribute to the development of startup ecosystems, the rapid growth of the number of startups in Serbia and their success stories.

What is the Startup portal about?

Launching and running a startup are not often easy and simple tasks. In order to make them easier and encourage the existing and stimulate future startup entrepreneurs, we have created a Startup portal as a focal point for startup connection, information and education in all its development stages. It provides tangible explanations, key steps and solutions to challenges faced by entrepreneurs that have taken a startup path.

It also encompasses in one place support organisations, their programmes and events, networking support, access to tax reliefs and regulatory incentives and answers to all legal and administrative concerns that might arise during the development stage.

Apart from our wish to provide wide and practical support to each startup, it is our objective to actively contribute to the startup ecosystem development, rapid growth of startups in Serbia and to their successful stories by concentrating on the bigger picture.

Who is the Startup portal intended for?

It is for those:


who are interested in the startup world and wish to learn about the innovative ecosystem


who are in the middle of developing an idea and wish to find out what is the best way to use ecosystem opportunities


who are developing a product and want to further explore funding opportunities and methods


whose product is already on the market and who are seeking investment opportunities and guidance


who are in the middle of scaling and who are looking for support and information on fund access

Startup portal as part of the bigger picture of entrepreneurship

The Startup portal was created as a joint initiative of the Ministry of Economy, the Digital Serbia Initiative, the United Nation Development Programme (UNDP) and the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) in accordance with the Startup Ecosystem Development Strategy of the Republic of Serbia. It is intended for startups that form part of a broader entrepreneurship ecosystem, but they have different needs and challenges from those faced by micro, small-sized and medium-sized enterprises.

Economic ecosystem

The Entrepreneurship portal is intended for a broader group of entrepreneurs and it offers useful information and advice about startups. It also covers areas that might be relevant for business launching, including:




Customs reliefs for equipment import


Open business launching and innovation support programmes


EU and regional programmes